Will Rain Encourage the Snake to Come out of Their Burrows?

Some people will be delighted on the sound of the rain and the peasant wind that blows. On the contrary, rain can also bring flood, damages, and snakes. When the rain falls for a couple of days, it will prompt the Lansing snake to move out of their den and look for dry grounds. This will not only include the venomous snake, the non-venomous snake such as the black racer will also prefer to stay on dry condition.

Why Do Snakes Come Out During Rain?
Snake is considered as ectothermic reptile. Therefore, they can only regulate their body temperature using biological mechanism. Their internal body temperature can be affected by the different elements in the environment. Therefore, the snake will prefer to live underground since the temperature inside the burrow is more stable. The soil will function as an insulation material that will shelter them from the cold and heat of their environment. These holes are the abandoned burrows of other animals such as raccoons, woodchucks, moles, squirrels, and chipmunks.

The Snakes during the Heavy Rain
Once the snake will move to the area that will experience heavy rains, the burrows will be filled with water that will flood their den. This will prompt the snake to leave the burrow and look for dry lands. They can then end up in our yard, inside our house, and other man-made structures. In order to protect your house against the attack of the snakes, there are simple things that you can do. You will need to check your house for any holes and cracks that the snakes can use as access point. In the event that you found an opening, seal them using wire mesh or hardware cloth.

If the storm is over, it is only expected that your house will be littered with debris, you will have to remove it in order to make your house less-attractive in the eye of the Michigan snake. You should also trim the grass and vegetation in your house that they can use as their hiding place. Snakes love to crawl in the dark and cool areas; you will encounter them in the space under your shed or porch. In order to avoid this, you should install a barrier that will prevent them from accessing our shed.

In case there are snakes in your house, it is recommended to remain calm. Most Lansing snakes will flee once disturb. You should give it enough time and space to escape. On the off chance that it decided to establish its den in your house, it is advisable to let the expert handle this. They have the experience and the knowledge to handle this situation safely and efficiently.

Snakes can be vital to keeping the balance of our ecosystem. They can maintain the population of the rodent and insects in your area. They are not aggressive and most of them are harmless. Removal of this animal from your house is the better solution as oppose to extermination.

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