Do Dogs Keep Rodents Away?

With regards to controlling rodents such as mice, most people will think about cats. However, different breeds of the dog will be effective in making sure that your property will remain rodent-free. Dogs are not only loyal, they are also territorial. They also have an amazing sense of smell that makes them an excellent deterrent against rodent infestation. If you are planning to end your infestation with a dog, here are the breeds of Michigan dogs that you should consider adopting.

Types of Lansing Dogs That Will Chase the Rodents
The hunting and chewing habit of our dogs are the remnants of their wild behavior before they have been tamed by humans. This makes them an effective method to keep the unwanted visitors off your premises. In addition, there are also breed of dogs that are intended for guarding and pest control.

The terriers are renowned for their amazing hunting skills. In fact, when we talk about sports hunters, terriers are the popular choice. Using its sense of smell, the terrier would be able to locate the rodents easily. Apart from the rats and mice, they will also chase the squirrels away. Cairn terrier and Jack Russell have been recommended by the experts. They both have a high amount of energy that they need to expend by continuously moving around. Originally, Jack Russell is trained to hunt foxes which imply that they are runners. They need more space to move around. On the other hand, the Cairn terriers are calmer and are trained to chase rodents.

The Dachshunds are popular among pest control experts. They have been trained to chase the rodents out of their burrows. They have the instinct to pursue the smaller creatures such as the rodents. Their energy will be lower compared to the Cairn terrier and the Jack Russell. However, their habit of digging will flush the rodents out of their hole. They may help you in getting rid of the mice and rats. Depending upon the structure of your yard, the dachshunds may end up creating more damage than the rodents.

Apart from the breeds mentioned above, the papillons are also incredible mousers. They will chase these pesky critters and keep them away from our houses. It is also fun to keep Papillon as pets. They can be high-maintenance since they have long fur that requires extreme care. They will also shed their fur more excessive than the other breed of Lansing dogs. Their energy will be as high as the terriers. However, they may develop bad habits when you leave them since they are known for their separation anxiety. They will bark when you don’t provide them with enough attention. However, for individuals that love to stay in their house, this will be a great option.

Dogs are excellent companion and will help you drive away the rodents. Nonetheless, homeowners who are looking for a solution that will not destroy their furniture and will be there when you require them, the animal removal specialist would be your best choice.

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