4 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Birds

Birds can be beneficial as long as they remain in their natural environment. They can help in controlling the population of insects and in propagating seeds. Once they choose to roost or nest in our house, the result can be catastrophic. Birds can leave droppings that will not only look unsightly but also hazardous to our health. They can carry at least 60 zoonotic diseases and a few of them can be fatal.

Homemade Solution to Keep the Lansing Birds Away
When getting rid of the snakes, you need to make sure that the method you will choose is allowed under the law. Most of the birds are included in the list of protected species. Fortunately, there are homemade solutions that can discourage the creature from frequenting your house.

Honey Solution
Spraying honey solution on the common roosting area of the bird would be an effective way to keep them away. This is a more humane solution compared to glue traps. This will only irritate them but will not damage their feathers. In order to concoct a honey solution, you need to prepare the same portion of honey and water. You will have to mix it appropriately before placing it inside the spray bottle. You will then have to spray it on the key areas such as on the balconies.

Bird Nets
If you are not particular on the aesthetics of your property, you can use bird nets to cover the key sections of your property. Bird nets are excellent protection for your vegetable garden. Be sure to leave a small opening that will allow you to take care of your garden. If there are trapped birds inside the nets, be sure to hand it over to the wildlife professionals or release them. It is illegal to trap the birds included in the federal list.

Remove Your Bird Bath and Birdfeeder
Bird needs to drink at least an ounce of water per day. In case there are no water sources in your yard, it will minimize the possibility that a Michigan bird infestation will occur. The bird baths will not only attract the birds, they can also draw the attention of insects such as mosquitoes. If you have birdfeeders in your garden, it is also time to dismantle it. Keeping your place clean and free from water and food sources can discourage the birds from staying.

Adopt a Cat
Another good way to harass the bird would be to adopt a cat. The cat will be patrolling the roosting place of the Lansing birds and will drive them away. Our cats love playing chase. They will be chasing the birds away and prevent them from returning.

To make sure that you are doing the exclusion and removal process legally, we advise you to call the hotline of the local animal agency. They will walk you through the entire process and might provide you the best way to deal with your situation. You can also ask the professional wildlife removal company to help you with your problem.

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